The Nirmal Bharat Yatra

was a sanitation & hygiene awareness & behavior change campaign conceptualized & implemented by WASH United & Quicksand. It travelled 2,000 kms across rural parts of 5 Indian states between 2nd October 2012 & 19th November 2012.

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Voices of the Yatra

From left to right:

Kusum Sasondkar, 52, police officer: "It's all about cleanliness so it's good."

Manjeet Singh, 21, Bachelor of Commerce: "There need to be more carnivals on sanitation. For women using public places as a toilet it's really bad. Passers by say bad things. Today it's somebody elses mother or sister, tomorrow it could be the mother of those very people. So this should stop. We should also have a carnival on the bad effects of drugs and alcohol."

Ramswaroop Rajput, 70, worked in a wire factory before he was retired: "It's very good from the point of cleaning and health".

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