The Nirmal Bharat Yatra

was a sanitation & hygiene awareness & behavior change campaign conceptualized & implemented by WASH United & Quicksand. It travelled 2,000 kms across rural parts of 5 Indian states between 2nd October 2012 & 19th November 2012.

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1, 2, 3, 4....18!

"1-2-3-4- ..18!" we hear the school kids shouting. But it is not math class: it is the part of our WASH in Schools training, where we teach the 18 different steps of handwashing.

And because our trainings in Indore fell on Global Handwashing Day, we were encouraging handwashing with soap even more strongly.

We happened to be in one school around lunch time, and while we observed kids rushing off to wash their plates, they did not wash their hands at all. That is why we play the "blue ball" and "handwashing game" with them. This way kids can learn in a playful manner how easily germs are transmitted from one hand to the other, and that soap is a powerful "weapon" to get rid of them.

Through the WASH United program students learn the "whys," "whens," and "hows" of personal hygiene. But one big question remains: "where?" Although water is available in almost every school in Indore, there is no dedicated place to wash hands, and soap is not to be seen. Therefore we show teachers how to build a TippyTap, a simple and affordable, yet very appropriate hand washing technology.

Because it is so playful and fun, children love to use it. 4 schools have constructed a tippytap right after the teachers training. (see also

In the entire week in Indore we reached out to 31 schools- very exhausting but also very rewarding.

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